2023 Pico PC

Bought Pico PC

I bought Pico PC via indiegogo fundraising several months ago.Oct 2022 - Bought Pico PC

Long-waited Pico PC is just arrived today

First impression

Pico PC Box front

Pico PC Box back

Pico PC Box inside

Booting the box.

Pico PC Boot screen

Next. the boring win10 boot sequence starts.. (before installing ubuntu, let’s see what is win10, what it looks like)

I guess windows is starting

(yeah, it is windows 10. I don’t need windows 10.)

windows is forcing me to agree

(long long long time windows 10 on-boarding is completed..)

windows is taking my precious several time

(xdo windows 10 is looks like this)

Desktop of XDO Pico PC

(checking About this PC, and storage size)

About this pc and storage size

(all this windows 10 booting took 16 minutes.)

(and Excel is preinstalled, I tried to run but it’s not working. also I don’t need excel.)

Excel is preinstalled, but I guess trial maybe?

Next step is to wipeout windows 10 and install ubuntu

Setting up Ubuntu

Purge all the storage and install ubuntu

Purge all the storage and install ubuntu

(installing is in progress)

installing is in progress

(installing ubuntu is much easier than on-boarding windows 10)

Final Ubuntu

Initial setup for new ubuntu system.

  • install updates
  • set Natural scrolling for mouse
  • install ibus-hangul(normally I should install it manually, but today, it was already installed), set Ctrl+Space as toggle key.
  • launch firefox and install chrome

Finally play youtube video, and check some top status.

watch youtube

Troubles encountered.

  • Power plug type
    • packaged with US plug. not a big problem, I can easily buy US to KR adapter (it cost me 1,500 KRW)
  • Can it be powered by USB Power supply?
    • pico pc is powered by USB-C connector, and power requirement is 12V and 2A.
    • I don’t know USB-A to USB-C will work or not. (I recently bought 8 port QC3.0 compatable USB power supply)
    • or, USB-C to USB-C will work?
    • It doesn’t support USB PD.
  • Audio via 3.5 mm jack is not working.
  • The CPU FAN seems run in Full speed always.
    • the fan sound is very(?) noisy. (before I was using Raspberry Pi 4 without FAN, modern laptop’s are also quiet on low usage)
    • FAN speed cannot be controlled.