2023 Beelink Mini S

I wasn’t satisfied by Pico PC so,

I bought another mini PC. the Beelink Mini S

Here are some specs.

  • CPU : Intel N95
  • Memory : 8GB
  • SSD : 256GB
  • Display Output : HDMI x 2
  • USB : USB-A x 4
  • Ethernet : 1 GbE x 1
  • Wifi : Wifi 5

Better than Pico PC

  • Silent : most important Pico PC doesn’t include PWM controlled FAN. (what I mostly disappointed about Pico PC)
  • Slightly faster. N95 is slightly faster than J series


  • Doesn’t provide USB-C at all (pico pc doesn’t provide also)

Use Cases

  • Youtube machine
  • small home server

Not good for

  • developers workstation (N95 is not competable to Core i5 or i7)
  • home router (doesn’t have enough ethernet ports)

Box opening

Box top view Box inside 1 Box inside 2 Mini S top Mini S front Mini S Rear Power Adapter

First bootstrapping

Mini S Bootstraping Mini S Windows 11 on-boaring

Mini S Windows 11 first view Mini S Windows 11 about view

Installing ubuntu and compare to Pico PC

Installing Ubuntu Installing Ubuntu erase disk and install Ubuntu Mini S and Pico PC comparison top view Mini S and Pico PC comparison front view

Power adapter installed

Power Adapter size

ps. after using it for one month, I am very satisfied.