My first Apple Watch died.

My first Apple Watch died. (1st generation 42mm stainless steel)

I have worn it for about 3.5 years. (since 2015.08. ~ 2019.02. )

Yesterday, I noticed top panel is popped up.

So, I googled some known issues like this kind of accident. and I found there was an issue regarding battery swollen.

(you may see the swollen battery or not. I think it is swollen.)

The warranty is limited to 3 years, so I can’t get the repair service from authorized apple repair center. (I don’t want buy old/refurbished one)

And I don’t know local private repair shop that can repair watch. (There is one private apple repair shop near here, but they don’t repair watch)

There is another option. ifixit.

it seems not too hard to repair myself, the most difficult part would be pulling off the screen, but the screen is already popped up :)


But there is a critical(?) serious(?) problem. :(

They don’t ship internationally ㅋㅋ


So, I give up repair, give up my watch, .. (buy new one? ㅋㅋ)

or, keep it for sometime? or put it into a trashcan? (what if the battery blow up?)